Why use 2-Factor Authentication?

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a more secure way to connect to resources than a simple username and password. With 2FA, users log in with a username, something they know (a password or PIN), and something they have (a security token, a phone authentication app, etc.).

Usernames and PINs/passwords alone to log in to a network, resource, or application are vulnerable to many different kinds of attacks.  These include malware and phishing.  There is also danger using a public, unsecured network, such as at a library, coffee shop, or airport.  Additionally, users tend to create passwords that they can remember easily.  These can easily be guessed or cracked.

With 2FA, there is another layer of security attackers must overcome.  And with GreenRADIUS, our team of industry-leading security architects and developers sets the standard for secure access.

GreenRADIUS supports a variety of 2FA hard and soft tokens to accommodate the broadest possible set of use cases.  Whether your users are authenticating from mobile devices or traditional computing platforms, GreenRADIUS either resells or partners with providers of secure and affordable authentication methods.  In addition, count on Green Rocket Security to be an active participant in relevant industry dialogues, and initiatives that enhance security and usability of two-factor authentication solutions.

Check out the authentication tokens supported by GreenRADIUS.