Encap provides a smartphone-based, context aware, secure 2FA application for multiple use cases. The mobile app replaces or supplements a hardware based token when used with the Encap enabled version of the GreenRADIUS server.

Encap provides:

  • Context-aware authentication app for smartphones
  • Can replace SIM, SMS and hardware based tokens or be used as supplemental factor
  • Seamless and intuitive user experience on all mobile devices
  • Provides out of band authentication via push notifications

Encap is a software-based security platform that has been integrated into a special version of GreenRADIUS. The Encap-enabled GreenRADIUS system provides contextual, smartphone-based authentication allowing the user to see the context to which the authentication is requested. The Encap solution can also be integrated into other systems such as online banking. Please contact our sales team for additional information.