Integration & Connectivity

Strong authentication is only useful for what it can protect; if the system you want to protect can’t connect to the authentication server, then it doesn’t really help. GreenRADIUS is designed to solve this problem by providing a large amount of connectivity and integration capabilities, allowing you to deploy 2FA where you need it, from VPNs to remote desktops to websites.

Green Rocket Security provides support for connectivity with the following:

RADIUS Protocol

Remote Authentication Dial In User Service is a centralized Authentication, Authorization and Account service that has been in use since 1991. RADIUS is a very common protocol for edge devices (such as VPNs and similar network security devices). With RADIUS support GreenRADIUS is able to be quickly plugged into most any network where remote access is needed without the need for highly customized solutions.


The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is the most common authentication directory protocol in use. Microsoft Active Directory, available since Windows 2000, is widely deployed around the world, and OpenLDAP, the Linux/UNIX LDAP server (among many) both fully support LDAP and can be used for authentication and management with GreenRADIUS.

With LDAP support you can easily link your internal directory to your edge devices while providing 2FA enhancements to the security of your network.


GreenRADIUS provides a Web API that can verify the username, password and OTP value from the user’s token. The Web API provides a simple method for adding 2FA to a website without a lot of complicated coding.

Citrix Services

GreenRADIUS can be easily integrated into Citrix services such as XenApp or XenDesktop. Support for these Citrix services enables easy 2FA into your Remote Desktop infrastructure.