Authentication servers are used to centralize decisions for whom or what (server/service) to let in to access an organization’s services, such as websites, servers, desktops, web and cloud applications, and anything else.  The problem is that many authentication servers tend to speak a limited number of protocols (e.g. LDAP only), while the services relying on them speak many different protocols, but not always the same ones (e.g. as needed for enterprise WiFi access).  Especially when adding 2FA (2-factor authentication), the current authentication service may not understand what to do.  This is where a RADIUS server comes in to play.

A RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) server is a kind of authentication translator that is able to speak many protocols in each direction, providing a way to link access services with authentication servers even when they do not speak the same protocol.  With the GreenRADIUS server, one can combine authentication servers and several techniques to enhance the strength of the authentication itself without needing to update the services in need of authentication services or the authentication servers (and corresponding clients) already in place.

GreenRADIUS is a complete RADIUS server with built-in, flexible 2FA support.  By deploying a GreenRADIUS server in your network, you can quickly enable 2FA for your network services, such as a VPN or website, while still tying into your internal directory services (such as Active Directory).