Current YubiRADIUS Users

GreenRADIUS is the next generation of YubiRADIUS and includes several additional features and important updates.  See our comparison guide below to learn more.

Switching is easy

Organizations that have YubiRADIUS in production can use our migration tool to easily import the following into GreenRADIUS.

  • YubiKey secrets
  • YubiKey states
  • YubiKey-user bindings
  • user directory configuration
  • RADIUS client configurations

This migration tool was developed by the same team that developed both YubiRADIUS and GreenRADIUS, so you can be assured that the migration will be seamless.

Contact us today if you are interested in our YubiRADIUS-to-GreenRADIUS migration tool.

Customers choose GreenRADIUS because:

  • Like YubiRADIUS, GreenRADIUS is open source.
  • All organizations using GreenRADIUS have standard support.
  • We offer migration services for those interested in switching from YubiRADIUS to GreenRADIUS.
  • Green Rocket Security is the same team that developed and supported YubiRADIUS.
  • Quite simply, we are the experts in 2FA and would be happy to help secure your organization!

Contact us today to learn more and to sign up.