Comparison — GreenRADIUS vs Duo Security

Green Rocket

GreenRADIUSDuo Security
Tokens supportedYubiKeys, OATH tokens (including Google Authenticator), FIDO U2F tokensYubiKeys, OATH tokens, FIDO U2F tokens
Allows for multiple tokens for each userYesYes
Users pre-selecting tokens before authenticationUsers DO NOT need to pre-select which token they will use as their second factor. Users can simply use any of their assigned tokens for authentication.Users MUST pre-select which token they will use as their second factor. Each time a different token will be used, users must select the token prior to authentication.
Auto-enrollment of YubiKeysYes, GreenRADIUS can be configured so YubiKeys can be assigned to users automatically upon first use.No, users must register their YubiKeys.
On-premise / CloudYes, GreenRADIUS can be either an on-premise solution, where GreenRADIUS can be set up in an organization’s network and behind its firewall or in a cloud environment, such as an organization’s AWS infrastructure.Cloud only
SAML supportYes, with our SAML Module, GreenRADIUS can support 2FA single sign-on for all SAML-supported applications and services, such as Office 365, G Suite (formerly Google Apps),, Splunk, and more.Only with Duo’s most expensive plan
High availability / SynchronizationMultiple GreenRADIUS servers can be synced to provide a HA/failover configuration. For an on-premise solution, even if the external internet is down or offline, users can still authenticate on the internal network.N/A
Token secrets and authenticationsGreenRADIUS securely stores and protects token secrets internally. Authentications are also done securely.Token secrets are stored in the cloud. Authentication requests are also sent to the cloud.