Universities and Schools, like other public institutions, keep large databases of user information. Some of this data is sensitive and can be leveraged for identity theft, making them a prime target for hacking and any type of data breach. Recent breaches have exposed students’ details, including names, addresses, birth dates and Social Security Numbers, not to mention enrollment and degree details.

With campuses growing in size as interest in higher education and expanded locations has made education a diverse concern, it is critical to provide a simple method to secure access to you network. As with any large organization, securing access to the campus network (VPN), system administrator access, SSH servers and database administration are all top concerns for implementing 2FA.

At Green Rocket Security, it is our mission to make 2FA solutions as secure, affordable, and user friendly as possible. With inexpensive hard tokens and low cost GreenRADIUS, educators, personnel and students with all benefits of configuring and deploying a money saving authentication.