We’re proud to announce that Green Rocket Security recently entered into a partnership with Yubico, a leading security token manufacturer.  This alliance allows us to offer robust authentication solutions that are simple for both users and admins.

This partnership also gives Green Rocket Security the infrastructure to supply Yubikeys to customers.  If your organization would like to purchase YubiKeys, please see our ordering page or contact us at 888-793-3247.  You can also email us at info@greenrocketsecurity.com.  For a limited time, we will offer free shipping to anywhere in North America!

If your organization currently uses YubiRADIUS, you may already be aware that Yubico no longer supports nor maintains it.  Green Rocket Security has developed GreenRADIUS, the next generation of YubiRADIUS.  We employ the same team that developed YubiRADIUS, but also included additional features.  Learn more about these additional features and how we can help support current YubiRADIUS users.