Great news for Yubico today as they announced that the CEO of has invested in the company and a founding board member of Google has joined the board of directors.  This shows the increasing awareness of the need for simple 2FA, especially in the cloud.  Marc Benioff founded with the motto “The End of Software”, and his recognition of the need for strong authentication in a simple package is one that should not be ignored.

Protecting assets in the cloud for your mobile workforce is critical, but so is ease of use.  Providing security that is difficult to use means users work around the security, not with it, like water flowing around the boulder in a river.  You need to adopt security that enables your users without impacting their need to get work done, and this announcement shows that someone who is at the leading edge of cloud- and mobile-enabled services understands this.

With GreenRADIUS, you can securely implement 2FA for all your systems, from those used only internally to your cloud services like, all with one, easy-to-use server and a dead simple 2FA token.