It seems lately that every other week, a big Fortune 1000 company announces that their customer data has been hacked.  A breach of personal information in any form is at the forefront of everyone’s fears.  But you do not hear much in the healthcare industry about security breaches as the penalties for such are swift and costly.

The HIPAA Act requires healthcare organizations to report security breaches that result in the exposure of patient data.  When such a breach occurs, the organization can be subject to very stiff penalties.  Prior to the implementation of the HITECH Act, a HIPAA violation could result in a fine of up to $250,000.  Today, however, the maximum penalty has been raised to $1.5 million as a direct result of the HITECH Act.

A Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) solution helps healthcare institutions and health information providers secure remote access to confidential health information in a cost effective, reliable, and scalable manner without disrupting the productivity of providers.

GreenRADIUS from Green Rocket Security delivers ‘true’ two-factor authentication through the use of existing smartphones patients, partners, and employees already have and use everyday as the second factor.  Healthcare organizations can also issue easy-to-use, USB-connected YubiKeys that gives you two-factor access from any computer with just the push of a button.  An organization can be up and running and fully compliant in a day using GreenRADIUS.

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