So a breach reported by the US Postal Service (USPS) a few months ago has now revealed that 485,000 employees may have been impacted. Importantly, the data is health information, not necessarily financial, but included Social Security Numbers and other personal data.  This is a gold mine for identity theft.

The cause of the breach has been determined to have been a weak default password on a server.  This seems similar to the problem at JPMorgan Chase where the lack of 2FA on one server allowed the hackers to gain access to the entire network.  Identity management can be hard, especially in large networks, but there are products that can provide simple, easy-to-use solutions for these situations.

2FA should be standard for administrative access to any system, regardless of the size of the organization.  With a quick deployment of GreenRADIUS along with YubiKeys, you can secure your environment against weak passwords and focus on the rest of your network.