I ran across this article about the latest iCloud problem.  The security hole is interesting in that it could be exploited to bypass any and all higher-level or secondary authentication checks.  So the hack came down to a simple password to crack.  The exploit allowed checks such as failed attempt lockouts, security questions, and even 2FA to all be bypassed.

GreenRADIUS should be an important part of any 2FA deployment due to its low cost and simplicity in enabling 2FA for your organization, but you should remember that it is not the only factor in your security.  There is no silver bullet to security.  It requires many components working together to provide a complete solution.  Just like leaving your windows open and locking your door doesn’t make your house secure, putting 2FA on your VPN but allowing SSH access on just a password doesn’t make your network secure.  GreenRADIUS is designed to work with several different components in your network to provide a single, consistent authentication service, but you can’t forget about those other components or you risk allowing access through a different point.

Security needs to be looked at holistically across your organization, not viewed as a series of individual point solutions to handle specific problems, but a team working together for the overall goal of securing your organization.  Green Rocket Security is here to help.