Yesterday, Qualys announced a new vulnerability called GHOST.  (Since Shellshock, everyone thinks vulnerabilities need to be named.)  This vulnerability is in a critical library, glibc, and is a library used by the Linux kernel and common to all distributions.

The vulnerability potentially allows for remote execution in the kernel space (i.e. highly privileged) without any user credentials, meaning complete control over the system.  Obviously, this is a very serious vulnerability, and was readily patched on all the major Linux distributions quickly.  Luckily, based on the analysis at this point, it seems as though this is a fairly tough hack as it needs a service running that is vulnerable (and so far, most common services have proven not to be).

Green Rocket Security treats these vulnerabilities seriously and strives to ensure you have the most secure 2FA environment available.  To that end, today we have released GreenRADIUS v1.2.1.1 which patches this vulnerability, and it is available for immediate download.