A couple of security reports released this week by Symantec and Verizon point to three critical areas organizations should consider:

— A large percentage of security breaches involve phishing.

A report from Verizon Communications Inc to be released on Wednesday found that more than two-thirds of the 290 electronic espionage cases it learned about in 2014 involved phishing, the security industry’s term for trick emails.

Phishing is nothing new, yet it is an easy way for hackers to obtain login credentials.  Many people are still inclined to click on questionable links or open attachments without thinking about the repercussions.

With GreenRADIUS and 2FA, your organization can essentially take phishing out of the security equation.  Hackers may be able to obtain a username and password or PIN, but they generally cannot obtain the second factor.

— Many attacks exploit known and patchable vulnerabilities, even those years old.

It found that while major new vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed are being used by hackers within hours of their announcement, more attacks last year exploited patchable vulnerabilities dating from 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Many organizations have IT departments that are stretched thin or lack the expertise to keep up with vulnerabilities.  Green Rocket Security constantly monitors for new threats.  When new threats are discovered or announced, our Engineering team quickly ensures that GreenRADIUS is patched to guard against them.  Unlike other RADIUS solutions, GreenRADIUS is fully supported and always updated.

— The cost of a potential breach justifies a larger security budget.

According to the new Verizon model, the loss of 100,000 records should cost roughly $475,000 on average, while 100 million lost records should cost about $8.85 million.

Organizations may not realize how many sensitive records they maintain, but these would include IP, emails, bank account numbers, social security numbers (in the U.S., for employees and dependents), payroll data, roadmaps, etc.  Each of these records has a value to hackers and a potential cost to organizations that are breached.

With GreenRADIUS, we have a simple and affordable solution to secure your records.  With our pricing options (and discounts available for multi-year licenses and for larger organizations), organizations can reduce the likelihood of a costly attack while implementing an effective and inexpensive system.​