The technical and product teams at Green Rocket Security have spent many years working together in a variety of settings – and have seen firsthand how security industry alliances, initiatives and standards have worked to improve the state of computer security.

Whether it is cooperation between industry and government (FIPS, Common Criteria) or commercial initiatives and ecosystems to promote a particular security standard we’ve seen many successful partnerships that have resulted in improved products and processes that directly benefit users of security solutions. These initiates have many proven benefits – like improving interoperability of technologies which increases the speed and ease of deployments. These initiatives are also helpful in providing industry specific solutions for specific compliance or regulatory needs. They also help define key functional requirements that all users of the technology appreciate and rely on. This is particularly beneficial when not every user of these technologies has access to a CISO or CISSP to help guide them in architecting an appropriate security solution for a given use case.

Like any other human endeavor, these initiatives can be slowed or sidetracked by politics, lack of funding, or lack of commitment. In spite of these challenges important contributions continue to be made that move our industry forward to meet the next generation of cyber-security threats.

You can count on Green Rocket Security to support, adopt, interoperate and contribute to the security initiatives that we believe will improve the security posture of our customers. You can expect a number of significant announcements in this area from us in 2015.