So last week it was announced at the FIDO Plenary in Dublin, Ireland (I wish I would have been able to attend) that 18 different companies and 31 different products have been FIDO certified. This is great news and an important step towards realizing a more universal 2FA solution.

The great thing about the FIDO Alliance is that they aren’t picking winners; you can use One-Time Password tokens or Biometrics, allowing you to use the type of 2FA that best fits your needs, and not be forced into a one-size-fits-all solution. You don’t even need to pick one vendor; the idea of FIDO certification is that any client (token or biometric) can work with any server, so you can use your client anywhere FIDO is supported.

As I have noted before, having a single authenticator you can use everywhere will be a great thing, enhancing your online security while simplifying our access.