So I ran across this interesting article on a new biometric, this time a brain scan while you think about specific acronyms. The thing I like most about this is that it seems to answer one of my main complaints about biometrics: that you can’t change them.

If one of your fingerprints is compromised, you have 9 more, but that is it for life. But this scan, the way I look at it, is like remembering a password, but instead of entering it with a keyboard, your brain pattern is checked while you are thinking about it. If somehow it is compromised, then you can think of a new acronym combination and submit that, effectively changing your password.

Of course ease of use is the most critical factor in any 2FA implementation, and this is no exception. I doubt we will be wearing helmets for logging in any time soon, so while a great concept, it’s not exactly ready for prime time (though maybe with all the VR gear coming out there is something to embedding the sensors there, or maybe tracking eye movements, who knows).