An article last month points to a couple of interesting trends in the cybersecurity area.  The first has to do with hackers not necessarily needing to be superiors coders, but simply smart about weaknesses and tendencies.

Cybercriminals follow the path of least resistance and the easiest way for them to gain access to your precious data is usually by tricking a person into handing over the keys, not by writing a clever piece of code. Phishing attacks are growing more sophisticated all the time, as official-looking messages and websites, or communications that apparently come from trusted sources, are employed to gain access to your systems.

The second deals with known vulnerabilties to software that are overlooked or patched improperly.

Publicly known vulnerabilities are one of the biggest threats for IT departments. Consider that HP’s 2015 Cyber Risk Report found that 44% of 2014 breaches came from vulnerabilities that are two to four years old, and you can see the problem. Software must be patched regularly, and expertise is required to avoid common misconfigurations that offer attackers an easy way in.

Fortunately, with GreenRADIUS, businesses can deal with these issues effectively and affordably.  Consider the first point, phishing for login credentials.  By deploying GreenRADIUS and implementing two-factor authentication, hackers who successfully obtain a username and password will still not be able to access what is protected without the user’s security token.

Regarding known vulnerabilities, Green Rocket Security is committed to keeping GreenRADIUS up-to-date against the latest security threats, and we generally plan to release a security update each month.  With the release of v2.0, GreenRADIUS can allow admins to opt for managed updates, making sure those known vulnerabilities are secured quickly and not years later.