My 10 year-old daughter walked into the kitchen laughing a few days ago.  She had heard on the radio that the most common security password is “123456” or “password”.  She said, “Are people crazy, Mom?”  LOL!  Why, yes they are!  Even my 10 year-old knows better than to use such a simplistic security code.

This article is a fun read if you are interested in the 25 worst passwords.

In this day and age, people have a hard enough time finding their car keys, let alone remembering a bunch of security codes.  But this really isn’t a joking matter.  All it takes is for someone to casually look over your shoulder while you’re inputting your code, and they potential have access to your life!  Your email, banking information, social media accounts, and on and on.  Ask anyone who has had their identity stolen.  It can take YEARS for it to be cleared up.  Same goes for businesses.  A simple misstep can allow proprietary information to become public.  Security is a NECESSITY!  Two-factor authentication with GreenRADIUS is a simple and cost-effective solution to such a daunting issue.