As mentioned in a previous blog post, foreign spies had been targeting the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns.  And in recent weeks, reports indicate attacks have not only been successful, but reaching other campaign arms as well, especially on the side of the Democrats.

A computer network used by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign was hacked as part of a broad cyber attack on Democratic political organizations.

The latest attack follows two other hacks on the Democratic National Committee, or DNC, and the party’s fundraising committee for candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives. (source)

A separate report shows that the data leaked by the hack revealed personal phone numbers and email addresses of congressmen.  It also revealed passwords used by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

Some of the passwords released show a shockingly low level of security. The password for an account to the DCCC website is “changeme.” Besides cell and home numbers for Democratic congressmen, the leak also revealed many of their personal email addresses. (source)

As we have mentioned many times before, passwords alone are a weak security measure.  Users tend to make them easy to remember, keep them in an unsecured environment, and are prone to phishing attacks.

The better and more secure way to have users access sensitive data and networks is to implement a strong two-factor authentication solution, like GreenRADIUS.  GreenRADIUS is a robust and affordable solution that is easy to deploy and maintain.  It will even protect a private email server, for those that use one.

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