2016 has been an exciting year for GreenRADIUS.  Apart from security-related updates and bug fixes, your feedback has been the basis of over 50 new features and improvements to GreenRADIUS during the year!

The top 3 new features added to GreenRADIUS in 2016:

  • SAML 2.0 Enterprise 2FA Single Sign-On (SSO) to cloud services such as Salesforce, G Suite and Office 365
  • 2FA over the LDAP authentication protocol (in addition to using RADIUS)
  • 2FA support for 802.1x authentication (for NAC and WiFi)

Want to see more?  Click here to my previous post.

We have some exciting announcements coming soon.  However, what is coming in addition in 2017 is really based on your input.  For example, based on your feedback, in 2016, we added logs for all admin events.  Now, we are in the process of collecting logs from all of the different modules to syslog so that we can support SIEM central logging requirements.  We will also add archiving and log aging.

Please let us know what you need next from us.

  • Would you like to see 2FA support for a pure Microsoft RDS solution or a more general 2FA enabled gateway/remote access service that can support multiple environments?
  • What would you like to see in a cloud service version of GreenRADIUS?
  • Do you need support for Azure AD or G Suite Directory Services?
  • How would you like GreenRADIUS to work in a hybrid cloud environment such as with Azure AD?
  • With SAML 2.0 added, do you also need OAuth support?
  • Is there something else that you would like to see from us?

Please provide feedback by using our contact form or simply email us at info@greenrocketsecurity.com.  Those that provide input and suggestions by January 31, 2017 will have a chance to win 10 YubiKey 4s!