It was a busy, but successful 2016 for us!  The following list of new GreenRADIUS features and improvements in 2016 were almost all based on customer feedback and requirements.  So we would love to hear from you whether you are already a customer or are looking to add two-factor authentication to your security infrastructure.

  1. SAML 2.0 Enterprise single-sign-on (SSO) to cloud services such as Salesforce, G Suite, and Office 365
  2. 2FA over the LDAP authentication protocol
  3. 2FA support for 802.1x authentication (NAC and WiFi)
  4. User portal for self-service registration of mobile tokens and, if needed, allowing self-resync of OATH HOTP/TOTP tokens
  5. On-board OpenLDAP server replication
  6. Option to prompt for OTP instead of having to append OTP to password
  7. Certificate management through the GreenRADIUS console
  8. View and filter audit logs and new filtering options in reports
  9. Management of on-board firewall through the GreenRADIUS console
  10. Diagnostics capabilities