Finding an efficient and easy-to-deploy 2FA solution may be challenging today.  Mostly, the challenge comes when looking for an authentication system with individual user access control, reporting features, or offline and stand-alone capabilities under the same user interface.

That’s why here at Green Rocket Security, we crafted our 2FA for Windows Logon agent based on the FIDO U2F standard, merging simplicity and security by delivering the easiest Windows 2FA authentication system for users and administrators.

Windows 2FA with GreenRADIUS supports workgroups and domain-joined machines.  Online authentication is done against GreenRADIUS, and offline/stand-alone authentication is possible when needed.  The agent can be quickly installed on Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines, allowing users to log in by just touching their Yubikey right after submitting username and password at the usual Windows logon screen.  We kept the user experience unaltered and simple.  There are no customized screens, windows, nor other complicated details to provide at logon.

Unleash reports and individual access control with GreenRADIUS anytime.  Lock down systems access for particular users, check logon attempts, and export reports into a handy csv file.

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