As the Novel Coronavirus / COVID-19 impacts life around the world, it has also forced many workers to connect and work remotely. This opens up users and organizations to potential threats with remote access being one of the prime targets for hackers.

In an in-person interview on February 11, Sherrod DeGrippo, senior director of threat research and detection [at Proofpoint], told SC Media that the company is now seeing a new coronavirus email phishing campaign “every couple of days,” and predicted that more will come.

At Green Rocket Security, we are committed to keeping organizations secure with GreenRADIUS, our two-factor authentication solution. GreenRADIUS is easy to deploy and easy to manage and helps keep hackers at bay.

For existing GreenRADIUS customers, our Support staff is still available and able to respond to questions. And we are committed to keeping the same level of support as we had before the Novel Coronavirus / COVID-19 became a pandemic.

For those interested in GreenRADIUS, there is a free trial license that is available. We would also be happy to assist with deployment and configuration as we’ve done so many times before. Contact us to learn more.