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GreenRADIUS Update – v4.3.9.9

The latest update has been released. This includes a few important security updates and some minor enhancements. The release notes can be found here. This update is for GreenRADIUS v4.3.3.3 and above. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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A GreenRADIUS Two-Factor Authentication Plugin for WordPress

Weak passwords and cross-site password reuse are two of the most common ways to break into a WordPress installation. Fortunately, WordPress plugins are able to augment the system’s default authentication. Our GreenRADIUS WordPress Authentication Plugin upgrades your...

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2FA for GNOME Desktop for Linux

Did you know that the GNOME Desktop Manager supports two-factor authentication for protection? The GNOME Desktop Manager (GDM) performs its user authentication through PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module). PAM is a highly configurable system used to control how...

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Be Sure To Add 2FA to Internal Systems As Well

Generally, when we think of securing our organization, we usually focus on securing the perimeter with firewalls, VPNs, limiting access points, and maybe some mail filtering to block malicious attachments. But some attacks that have been talked about recently show...

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Should World Password Day Become World 2FA Day?

Checking the National Day Calendar today, I see that it is World Password Day. I found it interesting that the primary website dedicated to this seems not to have been updated since last year (maybe someone forgot the password to login?), but this does bring up an...

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YubiRADIUS No Longer Works With YubiCloud v1 Protocol

As Yubico announced a few months ago, Yubico is no longer supporting the YubiCloud v1 protocol.  This took full effect on February 4 of this year. As such, any YubiRADIUS systems utilizing the YubiCloud will no longer validate YubiKey OTPs as before. Fortunately, for...

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Windows 2FA has never been so simple… until now

Finding an efficient and easy-to-deploy 2FA solution may be challenging today.  Mostly, the challenge comes when looking for an authentication system with individual user access control, reporting features, or offline and stand-alone capabilities under the same user...

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SMBs Need 2FA Also

I'm sure you've heard about the numerous cyber attacks on big businesses like Target, Chase Bank, Equifax, and Sony, and other large organizations like the U.S. Government.  These are big enterprises that have the resources to make their systems as secure as possible,...

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