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GreenRADIUS Update – v4.1.10.10

The latest update has been released. This includes a few important security updates and some minor enhancements. The release notes can be found here. This update is for GreenRADIUS v4.1.3.4 and above. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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The Most Popular (and Worst) Passwords

A recent study of five million leaked passwords from enterprises in 2016 revealed the most popular ones among users. Tops on the list was "123456," which makes up about 4% of the sample set, followed closely by "password."  In its entirety, the list shows that users...

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Cloudbleed – More Bad News For Using Passwords Alone

A new internet security vulnerability was announced last week, and it is "a scary big deal".  Cloudbleed, the name given to this vulnerability, has led to a potentially wide-spread leak of passwords and other data all over the internet.  And, while announced just last...

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GreenRADIUS enhancements for 2017? It’s up to you!

2016 has been an exciting year for GreenRADIUS.  Apart from security-related updates and bug fixes, your feedback has been the basis of over 50 new features and improvements to GreenRADIUS during the year! The top 3 new features added to GreenRADIUS in 2016: SAML 2.0...

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Top 10 New GreenRADIUS Features and Improvements in 2016

It was a busy, but successful 2016 for us!  The following list of new GreenRADIUS features and improvements in 2016 were almost all based on customer feedback and requirements.  So we would love to hear from you whether you are already a customer or are looking to add...

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Password Guessing Is Becoming Easier And Easier

With all of the leaked passwords that have been made available recently (passwords from services such as Yahoo and LinkedIn), cyber-criminals have access to vast data sets of passwords that make it easier to crack passwords in general. Security researchers in the UK...

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Even 16-character “random” passwords are vulnerable

I recently came across an interesting article that describes how a group of hackers approached a challenge by Ars Technica to crack 90% of 16,499 hashed static passwords in an amazingly short time! Though I definitely knew about most of the techniques used in the...

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Hillary and the Democrats Hacked

As mentioned in a previous blog post, foreign spies had been targeting the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns.  And in recent weeks, reports indicate attacks have not only been successful, but reaching other campaign arms as well, especially on...

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Password Files on OneDrive Increasing

Corporate users of Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage are increasingly storing files there that contain passwords.  According to a report released last month, "enterprises are routinely storing corporate password files in the cloud through Microsoft’s OneDrive backup...

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