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GreenRADIUS – A versatile and flexible MFA solution

GreenRADIUS is a multi-factor authentication server that can integrate with a variety of applications and services to enforce MFA, such as Windows Logon, VPN, Linux SSH, ADFS, network equipment, and anything else that supports RADIUS, LDAP, SAML, or our user authentication Web API.

GreenRADIUS integrates with your existing LDAP (Active Directory, OpenLDAP, 389 DS, and FreeIPA) to import users in a read-only mode.

GreenRADIUS supports a variety of tokens, such as the YubiKey (OTP, OATH, and FIDO), Google Authenticator (or many other Authenticator apps, such as Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, and FreeOTP), and our own “Green Rocket 2FA” mobile app which uses push notifications.

Easy to use for both users and administrators

Two-Factor Authentication is essential in today’s security landscape, but implementing, maintaining, and using it should not be a hassle for IT staff and end users.

GreenRADIUS is designed to provide a frictionless experience from the end user to the back end, allowing you to deploy 2FA in a way that adds security without causing angst among your staff. This 2FA solution practically eliminates end user training and support overhead.

Easy To Maintain

As a self-contained virtual appliance (or AWS instance), GreenRADIUS runs without worrying about conflicting applications or services.

By taking advantage of the appliance nature of the virtual platform, we ensure GreenRADIUS is hardened against attacks, limiting available services and access that would be difficult in a shared environment. Further, Green Rocket Security provides regular security updates (generally monthly) to ensure the highest quality of environment security is maintained.

On-Premise Solution

With GreenRADIUS, organizations can control every aspect of user authentication without having to rely on an external party.

The GreenRADIUS virtual appliance is self-contained, providing all the needed services to enforce secure 2FA.  An organization can implement their own authentication policies, spanning different types of credentials (both 2FA and traditional passwords where needed) in a single place.

Simple for IT Staff

With GreenRADIUS, features are available to save IT staff time.  From deployment to user support, Green Rocket Security keeps administrators in mind.

Users and group memberships continue to be managed in your existing LDAP.  And GreenRADIUS syncs with your LDAP automatically on a scheduled basis (or manually to take immediate effect).

GreenRADIUS also enabled self-provisioning of tokens, so users can auto-assign YubiKeys to themselves upon their first successful login attempt or self-register Authenticator apps or our own “Green Rocket 2FA” app.

Many other features are included in GreenRADIUS to make life easier for administrators, while also ensuring easy-of-use for users as well.

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