GreenRADIUS Features

Secure.  Dependable.  Affordable.

GreenRADIUS has many unique features to enhance the deployment of 2FA within an organization.

Virtual Appliance

With the GreenRADIUS virtual appliance you can be up and running immediately after a simple download and import into VMware or Oracle VirtualBox (the two virtualization products that we currently support). As a self-contained service, the only integration you need to worry about is connecting it to your RADIUS client (firewall, server, etc.) and directory server such as Active Directory.


GreenRADIUS provides extensive reporting both for normal administration purposes and compliance audits.

YubiHSM Support

For high security environments, GreenRADIUS provides full support for the YubiHSM module for secure storage of all your authentication keys.

Flexible Authentication Protocol Support

GreenRADIUS is designed to provide connectivity between a wide array of services. GreenRADIUS supports RADIUS, LDAP, and Web APIs. For first and second authentication factors it offers support for Active Directory, OpenLDAP, the YubiCloud, and an integrated YubiKey OTP validation server.

Redundant Servers

GreenRADIUS is designed with high availability in mind and to that end supports server synchronization to maintain the authentication database between multiple servers.

Active Directory Connector

With GreenRADIUS you can connect to your Active Directory or LDAP services. This features provides not just management but also the ability to let users authentication with their Active Directory passwords as well as their registered 2FA token. This is a critical feature during deployment as users do not need to have temporary passwords issues, they can use their normal credentials until the 2FA is deployed.

Group-Based Authentication

GreenRADIUS provides the ability to return the group membership information of users so administrators can implement specific authentication group based policies.

Multiple 2FA Token Support

GreenRADIUS is able to support multiple different types of tokens including various OATH tokens, YubiKeys and phone applications.

Auto Enrollment & Provisioning of Tokens

GreenRADIUS is capable of assigning tokens to users at their first use. Instead of the administrator needing to manually assign a token to a user and then make sure that specific user gets the token, the tokens can be handed out without concern. The first time the user logs in with the token it is automatically registered to the user.

Auto-Enrollment of Users

GreenRADIUS allows for a mixed-use of passwords only and 2FA in the organization during the rollout. Users can then be required to use 2FA after first use (or when centrally enforced).

Reporting GreenRADIUS Security Issues

To report any GreenRADIUS security issues, please contact your account manager or email us at  Do not include specific details of the security issue in an email.  Instead, we will provide a secure way to communicate.