OATH Module

Enables the use of OATH-HOTP and OATH-TOTP tokens

For YubiKeys programmed in OATH-HOTP, Google Authenticator, and other OATH tokens

GreenRADIUS OATH Module add-on

GreenRADIUS can be equipped to support Google Authenticator and other OATH tokens with our premium OATH Module add-on.
Your end users can use Google Authenticator or any other OATH token simultaneously with other supported tokens, such as a YubiKey. This allows your end users to choose which token they prefer and have backup tokens in case of travel, remote locations, or misplaced tokens.


Compliance with OATH HOTP open standard RFC4226
Support for mobile device OATH authenticator apps

Self-registration portal for easy enablement of Google Authenticator (and other similar apps, such as Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, and FreeOTP)

OATH enables use of 2FA solutions for access gateways/firewall systems with password length limitations
Self-service OATH token re-synchronization

The Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH) is a reference architecture for interoperable strong authentication across all users and devices.

Based on open standards, OATH support has been built into a large array of devices and services on the market today. Its open standards and royalty-free specification has led to a large number of tokens, both hardware-based and software-based, all interoperable with the standard.