PIN Module

PINs as an alternative first factor

Use PINs as the first factor instead of LDAP passwords

PINs as the First Factor


GreenRADIUS can be equipped to support PINs as the first factor instead of LDAP passwords with our new premium PIN Module.

Users will now be able to log in to applications and services with a configured PIN that is stored in GreenRADIUS.  For those scenarios where a PIN should be used instead of LDAP passwords, PINs can be submitted during login attempts, and GreenRADIUS will validate them.

Core Features

PINs can be configured for each user by either the admin or the user
Users can easily change their own PINs using our self-service portal
PINs are stored and admistered in GreenRADIUS, not in an external LDAP nor database
The PIN length policy can be configured by the administrator

Reporting GreenRADIUS Security Issues

To report any GreenRADIUS security issues, please contact your account manager or email us at  Do not include specific details of the security issue in an email.  Instead, we will provide a secure way to communicate.