“Green Rocket 2FA” Mobile App

for Android and iPhone

Receive push notifications on your mobile devices to complete login attempts

GreenRADIUS 2FA with Push Notifications

Users can use their mobile devices as their second factor with our “Green Rocket 2FA” mobile app, available for both Android and iPhone devices.

Users simply download the app and register the app with GreenRADIUS. From that point, the user will receive a push notification when the user is trying to log in to an integrated service, such as VPN or Windows logon. Users then simply tap “Approve”. It’s that simple!

Core Features

Push notification sent to users upon login attempt
No OTP nor digits to enter, simply tap “Approve” to complete the login
Easy one-step, one-time registration process for users

Can be used for all services integrated with GreenRADIUS, such as VPN, websites, Windows logon, Linux SSH, and more


When users are registered with other tokens, such as the YubiKey and Google Authenticator, GreenRADIUS is smart enough to know when to send a push notification.  No need to pre-select which token will be used!

Reporting GreenRADIUS Security Issues

To report any GreenRADIUS security issues, please contact your account manager or email us at info@greenrocketsecurity.com.  Do not include specific details of the security issue in an email.  Instead, we will provide a secure way to communicate.