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GreenRADIUS MFA is trusted by organizations around the world

Secure your organization with GreenRADIUS MFA


Wide Variety of Integrations

Windows Logon, VPN, Linux SSH, websites, ADFS, and more


YubiKey Deployment

Easy deployment and assignment of YubiKeys to users with our auto-provisioning feature


Multiple Tokens Supported

In addition to YubiKeys, GreenRADIUS supports Google Authenticator and our own Green Rocket 2FA mobile app


Supported and Maintained

GreenRADIUS is supported by our global Support team and is maintained with regular security and enhancement updates

Learn More About What GreenRADIUS Can Do For You

Contact us today to learn more about the variety of ways GreenRADIUS can integrate with your existing network and infrastructure.  Take advantage of the versatility of GreenRADIUS, from the different integrations, tokens, and LDAPs supported.

Two-Factor Authentication

GreenRADIUS MFA can integrate with a wide range of applications and systems, such as Windows Logon, VPN, Linux SSH, network equipment, ADFS, websites, and more.  And users can use the same token for all of them.

Green Rocket 2FA Mobile App with GreenRADIUS

Use your mobile device as your second factor with our Green Rocket 2FA Mobile App. Available for both Android and iPhone devices

Supports Google Authenticator and other OATH tokens

GreenRADIUS supports Google Authenticator and other Authenticator apps, such as Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, FreeOTP, and more.  YubiKeys programmed in OATH-HOTP mode are also supported.

GreenRADIUS for Windows Logon

GreenRADIUS and our Windows 2FA agent can be deployed to enforce two-factor authentication on Windows PCs and servers.

With our Windows Logon solution, organizations can easily deploy this 2FA security layer across their Windows PCs and servers and manage 2FA policies by users and groups.

Users will also find the solution easy to use.


User-friendly web admin interface

Administrators can easily manage GreenRADIUS with a web admin interface accessible with any web browser.

On-Premise Solution

GreenRADIUS can be deployed in your network and behind your firewall, ensuring more control of security.

High Availability

GreenRADIUS can be deployed in a HA cluster so any instance can authenticate a login request.

What Our Clients Say

Once your GreenRADIUS server is up and running, that’s what it keeps doing, running without any issues.

Jim Bugbee

IT Director, Rusk County

The migration from YubiRADIUS to GreenRADIUS was very easy and well-documented. The change also allowed us to add the OATH Module to give our end users more authentication options. Green Rocket Security has been one of our best vendors to work with, and we would recommend them to anyone looking to implement two-factor authentication.

Mike Merriel

IT VP, WebbMason Marketing

Some of Our Customers

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